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Trentino Alto Adige – Events

Trentino Alto Adige welcomes tourists with the beauty of landscapes and the taste of local cuisine in an atmosphere both ancient and modern at the same time. That’s why many events and traditional festivals in Trentino are also often linked to the rhythms of nature.
But February the 5th the first rays of sun reappeare from the ridges of the mountains and all people in the village, tourists, native and neighbors celebrate the sun eating and dancing in the streets.

The Carnival of Serrada is the only “futurist style” Carnival, dedicated to the artist Fortunato Depero (born in Trentino).
All the outside decorations as well as costumes of the organizers, the scenery and the floats of the parade are inspired by Futurism.
The Magnarustega is a curious gourmet walk in the valley of the Rio Cavallo (in August in Folgaria, in the province of Trento).

In September, the Feast of the Woodman in Molina di Fiemme is a competition among lumberjacks.
Desmalgada de Stramaiol, late September in Bedollo (Trento) celebrates the coming back of cows from the mountain pastures. to the region of Trento and Bolzano, of the larch forests and pastures of Tyrol, of Madonna di Campiglio, of the tasty speck and much more …