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Sardinia – Events

Sardinia is a very old land celebrating every year many traditional festivals.
Some of them, very famous, are related to the Carnival.
Mamuthones are, together with Issohadores, tragic masks typical of the Mamoiada Carnival, one of the oldest traditional events of Sardinia.
Carnival in Bosa is much more playful, with men dressed up as women.
Oristano Sartiglia is a medieval horse carousel (Spanish origin) held during Carnival.
Since 1711, a
nother famous horse event is the Sardinian Cavalcade taking place in Sassari, (May 24 this year). This secular feast begun as a tribute to King Philip V of Spain.
The feast of Candlesticks in Sassari, held in honor of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, has been celebrated for more than seven hundred years and since 2013 it has been included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Corsa degli Scalzi (a barefoot running) in Cabras dates back to 1619 and it is taking place the first Sunday of September.
Not to be missed the “vela latina” sailing boats regattas in San Pietro, Alghero, and the most famous one in Stintino.

Welcome to the region of Costa Smeralda, La Maddalena archipelago, the Mines of Sulcis, the Spanish Alghero where you can find genuine and traditional dishes as “porceddu” (piglet), myrtle liqueur, and much more …