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Puglia – Events

Many events in Apulia – Puglia in Italian – are outdoors events, thanks to the warm climate of the Southern regions.
The event that has become the most extraordinary and famous is the Taranta Festival in August. It involves several municipalities in the province of Lecce. In 2014 about 200 000 people arrived in Melpignano for the last night dancing in the streets and squares until the next day.
Puglia is also a land of good food and many festivals are dedicated to inspired food specialties as: the feast of Uliata in July in Caprarica of Lecce, the Festival of Tripe and Horse meat in August at Strudà, the Festival of Sceblasti (dough seasoned with olives and brine) in August in Zollino, the Feast of Municeddha (the snail) from 10 to August 13, 2015 in Cannole and the Sagra te lu Purpu in Melendugno early August or the Festival of Primitivo wine and Black chikpeas in November in Acquaviva delle Fonti.
Welcome to the region of Bari, Tremiti and Salento, of incredibleTrulli , the baroque Lecce, wonderful food and much more …