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Molise – Events

Events in Molise are strictly connected to agricolture or to religious traditions. Among these festivals:
– the “Carrese race”, a match played by ox carts (in Ururi, beginning of May)
– the Celebration of the Mysteries, a long procession of thirteen allegorical floats (Mysteries) that takes place in Campobasso in the day of Corpus Christi (June the 7th 2015)
– the Festival of bagpipes, in Scapoli, late July
– the Grape Festival, in Riccia, October

Welcome to the region of Campobasso and Isernia.
Here is still living the Marsicano bear, you may see the sheep tracks of transhumance and you may appreciate the full taste of “caciocavallocheese and the special salami called “capocollo”.