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Marche – Events

Every year many historical reenactments in costume take place in the towns and villages of Marche retrieving atmospheres from the past.
Traditional pagan festivals, as well as the Carnival, are typical in this Italian region and they sign the rhythm of the seasons throughout the year.
Among the sacred festivals and religious traditions, the rites of the Passion of Christ before Easter still have a central role in the local culture.

One of the most important festivals is the Festa del Covo, a religious event held every year on the first Sunday of August in the small village Campocavallo.

During Advent and Christmas many villages in Marche become the scene of suggestive live nativity scenes.

The typical processions on flowers’ carpets called “infiorate” are held for Corpus Christi Catholic festivities.

In Pesaro, the third sunday of the month is called “Stradomenica” where is possible to visit (for free or with cheapest prices) monuments of the city or museums, and there’s also the market dedicated to antiques trade.

Welcome to the region where the painter and architect Raffaello and writer Giacomo Leopardi were born. The region with the town of Urbino, the Sibillini Mountains. Here you can enjoy the tasty fish soup and stuffed ‘ascolane’ olives and much more…