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Liguria – Events

International and national events, as well as many traditional festivals, take place in Liguria.
There are two major annual events in Genoa: the Festival of Science and every fourth year the wonderful Euroflora (flowers festival).

No doubt that the most famous event in Liguria is the Sanremo Festival, the most popular music festival in Italy and the most watched TV program every year.

Confuoco is a very ancient event (dating back to the ‘300), still commemorated before Christmas in Genoa, in Savona and in other smaller towns in Liguria. During this occasion the public authority is given a big laurel trunk and a report on the various city problems.

The very popular Festival of Fire in Recco (in September) is dedicated to Our Lady of Suffrage. During the event seven different districts compete in great fireworks shows.

Welcome to the region of Genoa, Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Portofino, Sanremo. The region where you can eat the Genoese pesto and focaccia, where the Boat Show take place and with the Aquarium…