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Historical Regatta in Venice

On September 6, the most important Venetian rowing competition.

Historical Regatta in Venice
06 Sep 2020 Veneto -Venice  Folklore | Sport

The Historical Regatta in Venice is the most important Venetian rowing competition.
Traditionally, it takes place on the first Sunday of September in the Venetian Lagoon, this year on Sunday, September 6, 2020.

It is preceded by a historical parade of traditional boats of the XVI century with gondoliers wearing the Venetian maritime costumes to celebrate the glorious past of the Venetian Republic. After the parade the 4 races are held, divided by age categories and type of boat.
The champions’ regatta is the most famous and it takes place on little gondola that go through the Canal Grande and arrive to the Ca’ Foscari Building where the “macchina” is set, a floating stage.
Venice Historical Regatta is one of the most followed race by the Venetians.

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