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Historical Renaissance reenactment – Cormons

Mid-August. Historical reenactment dedicated to Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I.

Historical commemoration
August Friuli-Venezia Giulia -Cormons (GO)  Folklore | Historical reenactments

The historical reenactment of Cormons features hundreds of participants belonging to the most important and spectacular Italian and international historical reenactment groups.
The celebration is taking place around mid-August


Dozens of artisans take part in the big traditional trades market, displaying their traditional tools and products.
Lit by the light of the torches, the event continues through the night. During the day it is also possible to taste delicious traditional food in the Renaissance style taverns, decorated for the occasion.

The event is dedicated to the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, who annexed the territory of Cormons to the Empire in 1518.

The Historical Commemoration is also known for its spectacular Medieval tournament and it is distinguished by its beautiful costumes, the large number of participants and the remarkable skills of the knights and Masters-at-arms.

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