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Living Via Crucis – Frassinoro

NEXT EDITION APRIL 2022. Every three year, on Good Friday, the commemoration of the Passion of Christ.

15 Apr 2022 Emilia-Romagna -Frassinoro (MO)  Easter | Folklore | Religion


Every three year, on Good Friday Frassinoro, in the province of Modena, performs the Living Via Crucis.
At 9 pm, at the end of the function in the Abbey, the village recreates the Passion and Death of Christ in a unique way through living “pictures” representing the different “stops” of Via Crucis along the city. The whole village turns into a theatre where the inhabitants play as actors.
Via Crucis acquires a suggestive scenery thanks to torchlight procession and religious music while reading the Passion Gospel. It is divided into 14 stops plus “Jesus in the Garden of Olives”.

All the representations are set up by local families taking care of the sets, the costumes and the cast.  Every stop has a referee, the “stationmaster”, a role passed on from father to child or to the family.
The tradition of Living Via Crucis has a long history, probably since the Middle Age.
Emilia Romagna considers the commemorative event the most important religious and popular expression.

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