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About us

IbE-bollinoWelcome to Italy by Events!
This new website is about Italian events together with their territories and traditional food.
Italy by Events is a website created by people who want to share their passion for Italy and its diverse traditions. Because of its use of crowdsourcing, Italy by Events can be considered a pioneer in the field of online tourism. 

The great beauty is here
Whether you are on a business trip or just on vacation, Italy by Events can help you with the planning of you trip, turning it into an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Just another tourist guide?
Italy by Events IS NOT a tourist guide but rather an “appetizer” to make you want to visit a place, see new things and try Italian traditional food.

Have you decided where to spend your vacation yet?
Find out on Italy by Events what’s happening there and make your vacation even more exciting.

Are you still thinking about it?
Look on Italy by Events to find information about things you are interested in, places to explore, food to taste and events to attend. Let your curiosity guide you.

Do you like an active vacation?
Do a search in the “Sport” or “Nature” categories to find out how to follow your passions and feel new emotions.

happy-1082921_960_720-pixabayDo you travel with children?
Do a search in the “Children” category and read about the most amusing activities and events for children. Your kids will thank you for it and you will have fun with them.

Music? Folklore? Art? Religion?
Do a search in these categories and find out the most disparate events to live Italy together with Italians.

Are you fond of traditional food and wine?
You will find out about “tasty” events as well as local products, wines and recipes from every region of Italy. Come and satisfy your appetite!

Are you a business traveler?
Thanks to Italy by Events you can find out how to spice up your travel coming into contact with the real Italy. If you are a meeting planner you can offer your guests an unforgettable experience. Look on Italy by Events and turn your meeting into something special.

Founders and collaborators
The founders of Italy by Events are:
Marco Sorrentino – Editorial Director – e-mail
Carla Solari – External Relations – e-mail
Our collaborators, called “Italy Supporters”, are all the readers that send us information about recipes, traditions and events of the Italian regions.  You can become a collaborator, too! Contact us for further information >>>
Marco Sorrentino and Carla Solari are also on Italia Convention, the promotion portal for the Italian meeting industry.