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Calabria – Events

Events in Calabria are mostly connected to religious and rural tradition.

Traditional food is the protagonist of severla festivals: the Festival of Beans and Peas in Montegiordano (Cosenza) and the famous Red Onion From Tropea and Blue Fish Festival.

The Red Peperoncino (chili), “mandatory” ingredient of the Calabrian cuisine, is the star of the whole summer with the Peperoncino Jazz Festival involving the entire region with a busy schedule of concerts and events from late May to mid-October.

Among the religious feasts: ‘A Naca (the cradle), a Good Friday religious procession with medieval origin, taking place in Catanzaro; Opera Sacra in Cropani (Catanzaro), re-enact of the Passion of Christ. And of course, lots of religious processions devoted to the Virgin Mary.

Welcome to the region of the two seas, the Aspromonte and Sila, the Bronzes of Riace, the ‘nduja, the Tropea red onion and much more…